About KKE Soteco

Zingalify is built by KKE Soteco which is a part of KKE Group. The group was incepted in the year 1991 and it has been almost 30 years since it started.

KKE Soteco ( Formerly known as KKE info media) was started in the year 1999. Back then it was started to create Web-based applications for the KKE Group and other customers. Around the year 2003, our Kmita Branded Products gained a good amount of traction and we were more known for the Kmita Product Gallery rather than our other work.

In around 2008, our focus shifted to Web-Based Management Software which helped companies transition from localised management methods to global access. This is the time when most of the companies were aspiring for management standards like ISO 9001 and we at KKE had the ERP software which complied with such standards.

Currently, KKE Soteco works in the domain of

  • Cloud-Based ERP Software Deployment
  • Serverless Technologies and Application Development and Management
  • Web-Based Application Development and Management
  • IoT Systems Development and Management

Website: https://kkesoteco.com


Zingalify - How it was conceptualised?

Zingalify was started with the simple purpose of evaluating candidates before hiring them. We at KKE faced a lot of issues with this as the only time you would know about an employee is when you select her and later after about 1 month of waiting and 1 month of training, you find out that she is not the right candidate for the job.

We ourselves had this issue with our Hiring in KKE Soteco and across the group companies. We had been using an internal application which we built in the year 2007 and had been so far using it.  During one of the discussions with one of the clients, we mentioned the hiring procedure we follow at KKE and the client was very interested in following the same procedure.

This is where we thought that such could be of great help to almost all the organisations and - Zingalify was born.

The earlier version we had been using internally was using PHP and MySQL combination, however, when we have to build something which is of the scale which Zingalify is, we decided to use the latest technologies available. Currently, Zingaify uses Google's Serverless Architecture along with the NoSQL database. This gives the benefit of limitless scalability without any performance issues.