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Quick and Easy way to manage your Recruitment Process.

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Candidate Section

Why Zingalify?

Zingalify is a Unified Platform for managing Recruitment for your organisation. It helps you in :

  • Reducing Hiring Costs
  • Streamlining Recruitment Operations
  • Reduce risk of hiring a wrong candidate
  • No monthly commitment, pay as you go
  • Built for Small and Medium Sized Organisations
  • Can be used for even hiring just One Candidate

Zingalify Features

  • Create Job Postings
  • Create Branded Recruitment Sub Website
  • Conduct Pre-Interview Online Tests
  • Schedule Interviews

Hiring with Confidence

Recruitment is one of the First and the most important step of building a successful team. Whether you are a Start Up or a Corporation, one wrong Team Member shall disrupt the working of the entire team.

Zingalify solves this problem by using Testing the Candidates to access the Skill set of the Candidates and then Grading them. Our online tests are proven to improve the Predictability of the performance of the Candidates.

Industry Focus

Industry Focus